Top 5 Training Courses For Businesses Moving Out Of Lockdown

Have you reopened your business? 

Are things the same as they were pre-lockdown?       Probably not. 

For most of us, our workplaces and working practices have changed. We are having to adapt, follow procedures we know little about, work with reduced staff, in an environment that feels surreal! For many this is proving to be a very difficult time. 

  • Am I safe at work? Are the new measures in place good enough? 
  • What changes are going to happen? Is my job safe? How will I cope with the extra workload as we have less staff now?
  • Is my manager able to support me through this difficult time? 

These are just a few of the questions that we are hearing when talking to family, friends, business acquaintances, and clients.

As employers, business owners and managers, we want to do our best to ensure that our workers feel safe. That new practices and procedures are being understood, and that they are being followed. That our staff know that they can come to us for support and advice.

These are the top 5 training courses that we recommend, to help your business succeed during the changes we are having to make and to help staff adapt, feel safe and supported.

Infection Control Training including COVID-19 Guidance 

Yes, we have heard all about COVID-19 on the news, what else could we possibly learn from this course? Well, a lot actually. 

Health & social care staff refresh their Infection Control training annually!! even though they are working in an environment where infection control and prevention is a constant and ongoing necessity. They too benefit immensely from a yearly reminder of safe practices and procedures

This course would benefit any environment, especially now. It helps staff understand how viruses actually work. How they get from A-B and how we can effectively prevent this from happening. Infection Control training courses give staff the confidence and ability to keep themselves and others safe by understanding thoroughly all the infection control measures that organisations have put in place. Infection Control courses include effective handwashing and personal hygiene, cleaning and disinfection of the environment, wastage procedures and much more…

For more information, take a look at our Infection Control training course.
Price: from £19 per person

Mental Health Awareness Training

Many of our colleagues are going through really difficult times at the moment, which can have a huge impact on their mental health. 

Not only are they having to adapt to the new way of working, but also experiencing stress and anxiety in regard to possible job losses, changes as a result of restructuring of organisations, work overload due to furloughed staff or loss of colleagues due to redundancies…

Many staff are also experiencing mental illness as a result of changes to their home life. Many are struggling to cope financially due to reduced working hours or being furloughed. Some are struggling with childcare/home schooling and many are beginning to really struggle working from home, isolated from society and their usual busy workplace environment, resulting in depression. And then there is grief! unfortunately, some of our colleagues have also lost loved ones to this virus and are struggling to cope and carry on. The list goes on!!

Mental Health Awareness training equips managers and colleagues with the skills necessary to identify a mental health illness, as soon as possible. It also gives them the knowledge to understand and know how to help and support their colleague through this difficult time. 

For more information, take a look at our various Mental Health training courses and give staff the confidence they need.

Price: from only £19 per person

Health and Safety Awareness Training Course

All these changes to the environment and to our procedures!

  • Is the workplace still actually safe? 
  • Have we increased the risk of accidents or even fire by moving furniture and equipment around? Do we have new hazardous chemicals in the environment for cleaning and disinfection? 
  • Are our risk assessments and health & safety policies still effective? 

Health and Safety training courses are a great way to help ensure that workers are aware of workplace hazards and the risks associated with them and additionally the prevention controls that are in place. From chemicals and fire risks to electrical hazards, traffic movement, slips, trips and falls and much, much more. With all the changes we now have in place, new education may be needed.

You can help keep your workplace safe – priced from only £19 per person. 

Lone Worker Training Course

As mentioned previously, businesses are seeing reduced numbers of staff in the workplace. 

  • How do they feel about this? 
  • Do they feel lonely? 
  • Or worse still, do they feel safe?

A lone worker is anyone that is out of eyesight or earshot of a colleague at any point, even if this is only for a short period. This is the time when staff are more vulnerable.

Lone Worker training courses equip workers with the knowledge and skills to keep themselves safe whilst working alone. It also helps them reflect on improvements needed in their environment or practices to help keep them stay safe and well. For more information  on how lone worker training courses can help, take a look at our course and keep your staff safe.

Price: from only £19 per person. 

Leadership Development Training Courses

Finally, develop your leaders. With all these changes taking place, are your line managers, supervisors and team leaders confident communicating these changes and enforcing them?

Are they able to offer reassurances to their teams that their jobs are safe? That these changes are needed but will be effective? Are they confident carrying out supervisions and appraisals? Are they still providing the motivation and ongoing support that is needed more than ever now to keep the team working effectively?

Sometimes workers are thrown into a leadership position and little training is given to provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in that role. This means that teams are not as effective and productive as they could be, it can also mean staffing issues such low staff morale, lack of motivation, fear, absenteeism and high staff turnovers.

Leadership Development training courses will cover these areas and much more. Looking at effective team communication, change management, carrying out effective 121, developing team members, setting goals and objectives, planning, business growth and development etc… 

Look at our Leadership Development courses page to see how this training can help your organisation thrive, even through this difficult time. Our courses are always adapted to be made bespoke to each organisation’s development needs and issues.

Price: From only £23 per person 

Well that’s all from me for now. 

Let’s get our businesses back on track in the safest and best way we can and show the world how strong and effective we are as an organisation. I for one am ready and raring to go 😊

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