Employee Development Courses

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Soft Skills and Development Courses

These courses are suitable for all levels of staff and can be made bespoke and adapted to your environment and employee development needs.

These courses start from as little as £23 per person
Conflict Management

Course content

  • Common causes of conflict
  • Avoiding conflict
  • Transactional analysis
  • Verbal de-escalation
  • Communication models
  • Patterns of behaviour
  • Threat assessment
  • Flight or fight
  • Post crisis model
Time Management

Course content

  • The importance of time management
  • Key skills
  • Analysing key objectives and how they influence the workload
  • Prioritising tasks according to importance, urgency and other factors
  • Time management models/tools
  • The 4 D’s of productivity
  • The 7 wastes of time (Lean)
  • Potential barriers to effective time management and solutions
Assertiveness Training

Course content

  • What is meant by assertiveness
  • The effects of assertiveness on ourselves and others
  • Natural and emotional responses to events
  • Aggressive and submissive behaviour
  • Antidotes to neutralise the ‘fight or flight’ response
  • Assertive responses to deal with different workplace issues
  • Behaviour v’s barriers
  • Types of assertiveness
  • Assertiveness models/tools
    Personal strategy for being more assertive in work
Effective Communication

Course content

  • The different forms of communication
  • Mehrabian’s Communication Theory
  • Communication Cycle
  • How to use communication effectively
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Communicating via phone and email
  • Handling aggression through communication
  • Better use of all-round communication
Presentation Skills
  • Course content
  • Effective presentations skills and attributes
  • Overcoming fears of public speaking and presentations
  • Planning of presentations, pitches, meetings and conference calls
  • Structuring a presentation
  • Handling questions.
  • Practical create and deliver a small presentation using the learnt skills

Also available;

  • Selling with Confidence
  • Fundraising Skills
  • Interview Skills
  • Customer Service Skills


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Care certificate Training, Mandatory Health Day, Epilepsy Awareness, Autism Awareness, Dementia Awareness, Managing Behaviour, Mental Capacity & DoLS, Infection Control, Disability Awareness, Working at Heights, Health and Safety Awareness, Evac Chair Training, Health and Safety L2, Risk Assessments, Asbestos Awareness, Emergency First Aid, First Aid at Work, First Aid at Work Requalification, Basic Life Support including Defib, Food Safety Awareness, Food Safety L2, Food Safety L3, Safeguarding Children and Young People L2, Safeguarding Children and Young People L3, Safeguarding Adults L2, Conflict Resolution, Personal Safety & Lone Working, Fire Safety, Manual Handling, People Moving and Handling.