Conflict Management Course

Location: Zoom (online course)

This Conflict Management course provides learners with the knowledge and skills to safely manage conflict in the workplace. It examines how to prevent, deal with and report confrontation. Scroll down for course content.

NB: If you have several members of staff that need training it is likely to be more cost effective to make a group booking – Please contact us for a quote.



Course content

  • What conflict is
  • Common causes of conflict and triggers to aggressive behaviour
  • Acknowledging emotions
  • Stages of conflict escalation and patterns of behaviour
  • Recognising and overcoming communication barriers
  • Effective communication including body language and empathic listening
  • Communication/verbal de-escalation models
  • Danger and warning signs
  • Staying calm and managing our own responses
  • Procedural and environmental factors affecting conflict situations
  • How our safety can be compromised
  • Understanding our natural response to conflict
  • ‘Reasonable force’ as described in law and its limitations and requirements
  • Post crisis approach


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