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Our Fire Safety and Fire Marshals training courses. Courses start from£19 per person

Fire injures and kills in a number of ways….

Flames & Heat
breathing superheated air can kill instantly due to damage caused to airways & lungs
Burns covering 20% of body are regarded as life threatening
Burns to eyes can result in blindness

Smoke and products of combustion
Inhalation of smoke and fumes are the most common cause of death in fires, reduces visibility, Toxic & its hot!!!!!!

Lack of Oxygen
Fire uses up oxygen in the atmosphere, if the brain is starved of oxygen this can lead to unconsciousness and death

Impact & crushing
Caused by the building becoming weaker to the point of collapse
Crush injuries, fractures and head injuries are all possible

The most common causes of workplace Fires:

  • Arson
    Faulty/Poorly maintained/Misused Electrical Equipment and wiring
    Portable Heaters
    Poor Housekeeping
    Medical equipment

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